Enter The Wonders Of The World!

5.7 Bloomfield


An aging soccer player has a part-time girlfriend, a young fan, and doubts about throwing a game.

1970 Drama 94 min Play
0 Kentervil’skoe Prividenie

Kentervil’skoe Prividenie

1970 0 min Play
0 Eringio III Migrazione

Eringio III Migrazione

Movie by Massimo Bacigalupo.

1970 59 min Play
0 Eringio IV CODA

Eringio IV CODA

Short by Massimo Bacigalupo.

1970 15 min Play
0 Behind the Bars

Behind the Bars

Short animated film

1970 Animation 1 min Play
0 Men’s Lifetime Dream-A Peep into A Women’s Bathhouse

Men’s Lifetime Dream-A Peep into A Women’s Bathhouse

1970 Comedy 81 min Play
0 Modern training methods

Modern training methods

Animated short film directed by Béla Ternovszky

1970 Animation 7 min Play
0 كاوبوي في الدبدبة

كاوبوي في الدبدبة

1970 Comedy 130 min Play
0 Peonies And Dragons

Peonies And Dragons

Yakuza Ryuichi, nicknamed the Dragon-killer, went on a journey with his son Tatsuo after he lost his wife. Due to Tatsuo's sudden illness, Ryuichi had money problems, and he became dependent on the head of the local tekiya and finds himself involved in the tekiya war with the Yakuza.

1970 Action 93 min Play
0 The Mask of Sheba

The Mask of Sheba

Intrigue, romance, and the customary angry natives are the major elements in this tale of a hunt for a priceless gold mask in the jungles of Ethiopia.

1970 Adventure 100 min Play
0 Eringio II Né Bosco

Eringio II Né Bosco

Short by Massimo Bacigalupo.

1970 17 min Play
5.5 Cry of the Banshee

Cry of the Banshee

In seventeenth century England Lord Whitman wages unending war on what he sees as the ever-present scourge of witchcraft, and many local villagers have suffered at his hands. But one victim uses her occult powers to curse his family, enlisting unknowing help from one of the household.

1970 Horror 91 min Play
7.4 7 Plus Seven

7 Plus Seven

After a 7 year wait, director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born children from Seven Up! The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years.

1970 Documentary 52 min Play
7 The Clowns

The Clowns

Fellini exposes his great attraction for the clowns and the world of the circus first recalling a childhood experience when the circus arrives nearby his home. Then he joins his crew and travel from Italy to Paris chasing the last greatest European clowns still live in these countries. He also meets Anita Ekberg trying to buy a panther in a circus.

1970 Comedy 93 min Play
5.5 The Lickerish Quartet

The Lickerish Quartet

A jaded, wealthy couple watch a blue movie in their castle home along with her adult son. The son is testy, so they go into town and watch a circus-like thrill ride. The daredevil woman in the show looks exactly like one of the women in the movie, so the man invites her to join them for a nightcap. Tensions among the family seem to rise. She stays overnight, and during her 24 hours in the castle, each of its three residents involves her in a fantasy. She, in turn, keeps asking, "Who has the ...

1970 Drama 88 min Play
6.5 Hatchet for the Honeymoon

Hatchet for the Honeymoon

A madman haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife carves a corpse-laden trail.

1970 Horror 83 min Play
7.3 Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

Herr Raab is a technical draftsman. His wife pushes him to seek a promotion, which may be a long shot after he gives a dull and tipsy toast at an office dinner. But why would Herr Raab run amok?

1970 Drama 84 min Play
4.4 Jungle Erotic

Jungle Erotic

Young women have an adventure in the African jungle

1970 Adventure 90 min Play
6.4 Cotton Comes to Harlem

Cotton Comes to Harlem

Harlem's African-American population is being ripped off by the Rev. Deke O'Malley, who dishonestly claims that small donations will secure parcels of land in Africa. When New York City police officers Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson look into O'Malley's scam, they learn that the cash is being smuggled inside a bale of cotton. However, the police, O'Malley, and lots of others find themselves scrambling when the money goes missing.

1970 Action 97 min Play
5.1 Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray

London, England. Dorian Gray is a young man who somehow keeps his beauty eternally, while a mysterious portrait of himself gradually reveals his moral decay.

1970 Drama 97 min Play
6 Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly

A wealthy, fatherless British clan kidnaps bums and hippies and forces them to participate in an elaborate role-playing game in which they are the perfect family; those who refuse or attempt escape are ritualistically murdered.

1970 Comedy 102 min Play
6.2 Figures in a Landscape

Figures in a Landscape

Two escaped convicts (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell) are on the run in an unnamed Latin American country. But everywhere they go, they are followed and hounded by a menacing black helicopter.

1970 Action 110 min Play
6.2 Violent City

Violent City

A hitman is double-crossed by his girlfriend and barely escapes a murder attempt. He then sets out to take his revenge on the woman and the gang boss who put her up to it.

1970 Action 103 min Play
6.4 Perfect Friday

Perfect Friday

The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He needs her help and that of her philandering spendthrift husband. It all comes down to a matter of trust.

1970 Comedy 94 min Play
6.6 Even Dwarfs Started Small

Even Dwarfs Started Small

The inhabitants of an institution in a remote country rebel against their keepers. Their acts of rebellion are by turns humorous, boring and alarming. An allegory on the problematic nature of fully liberating the human spirit, as both commendable and disturbing elements of our nature come forward. The film shows how justifiable revolt may be empowering, but may also turn to chaos and depravity. The allegory is developed in part by the fact that the film is cast entirely with dwarfs

1970 Comedy 96 min Play
6.1 Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh

Monte Walsh is an aging cowboy facing the ending days of the Wild West era. As barbed wire and railways steadily eliminate the need for the cowboy, Monte and his friends are left with fewer and fewer options. New work opportunities are available to them, but the freedom of the open prarie is what they long for. Eventually, they all must say goodbye to the lives they knew, and try to make a new start.

1970 Western 99 min Play
6.458 Eyewitness


A boy who cries wolf witnesses a political assassination on the island of Malta. But will anyone other than his granddad believe him?

1970 Thriller 91 min Play
4.8 Twinky


A middle aged writer of pornographic novels meets and falls in love with a sixteen year old school girl. This alone is cause for concern but when the couple get married and move to America, the trouble (and fun) really begins.

1970 Comedy 98 min Play
7.2 The Most Beautiful Wife

The Most Beautiful Wife

Based on the story of Franca Viola and Filippo Melodia. In Sicily, as a Mafia boss leaves for prison, he advises Vito, a young man who's his potential successor, to marry a virtuous and poor woman. Vito's eye settles on Francesca, only 15, but lovely and self-possessed. Among her virtues are high self worth and forthright speech, so although she falls in love with Vito, she won't bow down to him. Believing he's losing face, he has his boys kidnap her and he rapes her. Then, he tells her ...

1970 Crime 102 min Play
8.1 Hell Boats

Hell Boats

A war drama of motor torpedo boats which did much unsung work in WW2, but the naval battles merely provide an exciting story in which an even more special romantic drama is wrapped up.

1970 Drama 95 min Play
6.4 The Chinese Boxer

The Chinese Boxer

Lei Ming, a noble young martial arts student who doesn't know the meaning of giving up. He faces a treacherous, blood-thirsty Japanese karate expert, which leads to many memorable battles as well as several unforgettable training sequences.

1970 Action 90 min Play
6.2 Barquero


Jake Remy leads a gang of outlaw cutthroats making their escape toward Mexico from a successful robbery. Barring their way is a river--crossable only by means of a ferry barge. The barge operator, Travis, refuses to be bullied into providing transport for the gang and escapes across river with most of the local populace--leaving Remy and his gang behind, desperately seeking a way across. A river-wide stand-off begins between the gang and the townspeople, both groups of which have left ...

1970 Western 105 min Play
7.3 Many Wars Ago

Many Wars Ago

Time after time, soldiers of the Italian Army are forced to leave their mountain trenches in attempts to storm an enemy fortress, always with the same disastrous results. As casualties mount, indignation spreads among the rank and file. Disturbed by his superiors' decisions, Lieutenant Sassu is led to question the purpose of war and reconsider where his real duties lie.

1970 Drama 101 min Play
6.6 The Cheyenne Social Club

The Cheyenne Social Club

Two cowboys inherit a "social club" specializing in satisfying men.

1970 Action 103 min Play
5.7 There’s a Girl in My Soup

There’s a Girl in My Soup

TV personality Robert Danvers, an exceedingly vain rotter, seduces young women daily, never staying long with one. He meets his match in Marion, an American, 19, who's available but refuses any romantic illusions.

1970 Comedy 95 min Play
6.8 The Honeymoon Killers

The Honeymoon Killers

Martha Beck, an obese nurse who is desperately lonely, joins a "correspondence club" and finds a romantic pen pal in Ray Fernandez. Martha falls hard for Ray, and is intent on sticking with him even when she discovers he's a con man who seduces lonely single women, kills them and then takes their money. She poses as Ray's sister and joins Ray on a wild killing spree, fueled by her lingering concern that Ray will leave her for one of his marks.

1970 Crime 108 min Play
6.4 Too Late the Hero

Too Late the Hero

A WWII film set on a Pacific island. Japanese and allied forces occupy different parts of the island. When a group of British soldiers are sent on a mission behind enemy lines, things don't go exactly to plan. This film differs in that some of the 'heroes' are very reluctant, but they come good when they are pursued by the Japanese who are determined to prevent them returning to base.

1970 Action 145 min Play
7.545 Woodstock


An intimate look at the Woodstock Music & Art Festival held in Bethel, NY in 1969, from preparation through cleanup, with historic access to insiders, blistering concert footage, and portraits of the concertgoers; negative and positive aspects are shown, from drug use by performers to naked fans sliding in the mud, from the collapse of the fences by the unexpected hordes to the surreal arrival of National Guard helicopters with food and medical assistance for the impromptu city of 500,000.

1970 Documentary 225 min Play
3.112 The Party at Kitty and Stud’s

The Party at Kitty and Stud’s

Kitty and Stud are lovers. They enjoy a robust sex-life, which includes fellatio and light S&M, specifically, Stud belt-whipping Kitty. Three women come over for a party and Stud services them, one after the other.

1970 Comedy 71 min Play
7.2 The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

An American writer living in Rome witnesses an attempted murder that is connected to an ongoing killing spree in the city, and conducts his own investigation despite himself and his girlfriend being targeted by the killer.

1970 Horror 96 min Play
5.9 Count Dracula

Count Dracula

Jess Franco's version of the Bram Stoker classic has Count Dracula as an old man who grows younger whenever he dines on the blood of young maidens.

1970 Horror 98 min Play
7 Two Mules for Sister Sara

Two Mules for Sister Sara

When a wandering mercenary named Hogan rescues a nun called Sister Sara from the unwanted attentions of a band of rogues on the Mexican plains, he has no idea what he has let himself in for. Their chance encounter results in the blowing up of a train and a French garrison, as well as igniting a spark between them that survives a shocking discovery.

1970 Adventure 114 min Play
8.219 Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Rome, Italy. After committing a heinous crime, a senior police officer exposes evidence incriminating him because his moral commitment prevents him from circumventing the law and the social order it protects.

1970 Drama 111 min Play
7.6 They Call Me Trinity

They Call Me Trinity

The simple story has the pair coming to the rescue of peace-loving Mormons when land-hungry Major Harriman sends his bullies to harass them into giving up their fertile valley. Trinity and Bambino manage to save the Mormons and send the bad guys packing with slapstick humor instead of excessive violence, saving the day.

1970 Action 106 min Play
7.024 M*A*S*H


The staff of a Korean War field hospital use humor and high jinks to keep their sanity in the face of the horror of war.

1970 Comedy 116 min Play
6.927 Pippi in the South Seas

Pippi in the South Seas

Pippi in the South Seas (original title is Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven) is a 1970 film, based on the eponymous children's books by Astrid Lindgren with the cast of the 1969 TV series. Pippi, with friends Tommy and Annika, adventures on the South Seas to hunt for her father, who has been kidnapped by pirates.

1970 Adventure 86 min Play
4.4 Josefine Mutzenbacher

Josefine Mutzenbacher

Josefine is a young streetwalker in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. She manages to sleep her way to the top by marrying a British aristocrat, and she delights in telling ribald stories of her sordid past to moralistic prudes.

1970 Comedy 89 min Play
7.16 Tora! Tora! Tora!

Tora! Tora! Tora!

In the summer of 1941, the United States and Japan seem on the brink of war after constant embargos and failed diplomacy come to no end. "Tora! Tora! Tora!", named after the code words use by the lead Japanese pilot to indicate they had surprised the Americans, covers the days leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which plunged America into the Second World War.

1970 Drama 144 min Play