The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure

The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure

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The story took place 20 years before the story of “Youth Song Xing”. Baili Dongjun, who later became the number one in the world, was still the only grandson of thousands of people in Zhenxihou’s mansion. Although he has a father who is outstanding in kung fu and a mother who is the daughter of the head of the Wen family, he is not good at martial arts and prefers wine. After ten years, he will be able to brew the best wine. In the end, he stole a title deed from his home and traveled hundreds of miles to open a wine shop in Chaisang City. But a long street is already full of evil stars. Only he is really a young boy who is serious about making wine. Because of this, he was inexplicably involved in the dispute between the two major families. On the way, he accidentally met the wanderer Sikong Changfeng.



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