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7.111 Unicorn Wars

Unicorn Wars

An army of bear cubs train and indoctrinate young recruits for the war against the unicorns, which threatens the safety of the cubs. Brothers Bluet and Tubby, along with a group of inexperienced cadets, are sent on a dangerous mission to save the Magic Forest, where the unicorns live, and start a terrible battle.

2022 Action 92 min Play
7.4 Unlocked


A woman’s life is turned upside-down when a dangerous man gets a hold of her lost cell phone and uses it to track her every move.

2023 Mystery 117 min Play
0 UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill

UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill

Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill (Light Heavyweight) Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno (Flyweight) Gilbert Burns vs. Neil Magny (Welterweight) Lauren Murphy vs. Jessica Andrade (Flyweight) Paul Craig vs. Johnny Walker (Light Heavyweight)

2023 Action 0 min Play
6.803 Under Wraps 2

Under Wraps 2

As Marshall, Gilbert and Amy are preparing for her father’s Spooktacular Halloween-themed wedding to his fiancé Carl, plans go awry when they discover that their mummy friend Harold and his beloved Rose may be in danger.

2022 Family 83 min Play
5 Un like de Navidad

Un like de Navidad

Catalina is an influencer that stopped believing in Santa Claus and decides to ruin her siblings Christmas.

2022 Comedy 91 min Play
TV 7.778 Undercover


Undercover agents infiltrate a drug kingpin's operation by posing as a couple at the campground where he spends his weekends. Inspired by real events.

TV-MA één
2019 Crime 50 min Play
0 Una storia valdese

Una storia valdese

Through archive images and interviews , a photographer embarks on a bittersweet journey back to his early years at Waldensian elementary school (Netflix)

2022 Documentary 75 min Play
6.866 Underworld: Endless War

Underworld: Endless War

Underworld: Endless War is a collection of three short, anime-style tie-in stories – whose creation was supervised by Len Wiseman, director of the first 2 Underworld movies and producer of Underworld 3 & 4 – each tell a different story, and at different periods of history to highlight new events of the Underworld mythology. These stories also tell of what happened before the events in Underworld: Awakening.

2011 Action 18 min Play
0 Unpaved Road To Peace

Unpaved Road To Peace

As teenagers, they decided to fight for FARC. Now that a peace agreement has been signed in Colombia, the children of Caldono return to their bombed village. The question is how the villagers will welcome them: with forgiveness or retaliation? Activist Farid Julicué dedicates himself to achieving reconciliation between the villagers and the former rebels.

2019 Documentary 56 min Play
TV 7.8 Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.

TV-MA Netflix
2020 Documentary 50 min Play
6.8 Utama


In the Bolivian altiplano, Virginio and Sisa, an elderly Quechua couple who have lived a quiet life for years, face an impossible dilemma during an unusually long drought: resist or be defeated by the hostile environment and the relentless passage of time.

2022 Drama 88 min Play
5.75 Unfinished Affairs

Unfinished Affairs

Inspector Manuel Bianquetti is forced to accept a transfer to a police precinct in Cádiz. His initially peaceful move will soon be shattered with the discovery of the body of a young girl who reminds him of a terrible past. Despite the opposition of his superiors, Bianquetti will embark on a solo crusade to find the culprit, following clues that might be no more than figments of his imagination. The only person who seems to be on his side is his neighbour, a fragile nurse harassed by her ...

2022 Drama 103 min Play
6.1 Underbar och älskad av alla

Underbar och älskad av alla

Isabella Eklöf is an unemployed actress in her early thirties. Her friends all enjoy stable relationships, children and successful careers. In order to jump-start her life she decides to lie a bit on her next job application with unexpected consequences.

2007 Comedy 106 min Play
TV 9.5 Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion

Violet Rodriguez, an everyday Mexican American teen, is chosen by a magical luchador mask which transforms her into Ultra Violet, a superhero fighting crime alongside her luchador uncle, Cruz, also known as Black Scorpion.

TV-G Disney Channel
2022 Action min Play
6.25 Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby

Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby

Through years of never-before-seen footage, director Karam Gill follows Lil Baby’s transformational journey from local Atlanta hustler to becoming one of hip-hop’s biggest stars and pop culture's most important voices for change.

2022 Documentary 90 min Play
0 Uncharted Amazon

Uncharted Amazon

For thousands of years, Peru's jungle has provided a stable habitat for a variety of unusual animal species. Plants and animals are inseparable. But now the balance of nature is being disrupted by illegal logging.

2016 Documentary 0 min Play
TV 4.333 Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

Chaos has taken hold of the land in Mask of Truth as a conniving general has unlawfully seized the throne of the mighty Yamato Empire. The only ones that stand in his way are a couple of familiar faces who must rally different kingdoms together and fight against the powerful Imperial army.

TV-14 Tokyo MX
2022 Action 24 min Play
TV 0 Unicorn


Following the crew at the fictional company Maccom, where they navigate the chaotic battlefield common to Korean start-ups. Steve is the slightly mad mastermind behind Maccom, while Ashley is on the innovation team and is one of his smartest employees.

NR Coupang Play
2022 Drama 40 min Play
0 Untold: Race of the Century

Untold: Race of the Century

The Australia II yacht crew looks back on the motivation, dedication and innovation that led to their historic victory at the 1983 America's Cup.

2022 Documentary 83 min Play
0 Under Her Control

Under Her Control

When a fashion employee thinks she will have to end her promising career after getting pregnant, her boss offers to adopt the child.

2022 Drama 0 min Play
0 UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 – Early Prelims

UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 – Early Prelims

A.J. Fletcher heads the early preliminary card against Ange Loosa for UFC 278 in the Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, UT

2022 Action 0 min Play
0 Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul

Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul

Years after serving time for betting on games he officiated, former NBA referee Tim Donaghy revisits the scandal that shook up the league.

2022 Documentary 0 min Play
0 Unintentional


A young and successful restaurant owner was tasting her success, little did she know her nasty past contained some horrible consequences which could take away her everything….

2022 Drama 20 min Play
0 Utopia Park

Utopia Park

2022 0 min Play
5 Una cartera

Una cartera

Based on the reflection on the handbag as an accessory and gender identifier throughout history, this short film reflects on the irrationality of attacks against the LGBTI+ community.

2022 6 min Play
8 Unidos por el amor y el carnaval

Unidos por el amor y el carnaval

For many Panamanians, Carnival is a party. For others, it is an opportunity to express their passion and talent. The latter is Victor Acevedo, a self-taught artisan and designer who creates dresses for carnival queens and floats.

2022 19 min Play
2 Un crimen argentino

Un crimen argentino

2022 Thriller 0 min Play
TV 6 Under Fire

Under Fire

NR één
2021 Drama min Play
7 Uradi


A university student looks for a way to make quick and easy money and finds out that its not as easy as he imagined.

2021 Crime 115 min Play
0 Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

From Notre Dame to the NFL, Manti Te'o's future in football showed promise until a secret online relationship sent his life and career spiralling.

2022 Documentary 0 min Play
6.4 Untold: Deal with the Devil

Untold: Deal with the Devil

Christy Martin broke boundaries and noses as she rose in the boxing world, but her public persona belied personal demons, abuse and a threat on her life.

2021 Documentary 77 min Play
7.893 Untold: Breaking Point

Untold: Breaking Point

Under pressure to continue a winning tradition in American tennis, Mardy Fish faced mental health challenges that changed his life on and off the court.

2021 Documentary 79 min Play
7.5 UNDEFEATED – Garena Free Fire

UNDEFEATED – Garena Free Fire

Story of “UNDEFEATED" — a live action mini-movie of the unbeaten team for the mobile online game, Garena Free Fire.

2021 Action 17 min Play
7.5 Under the Open Sky

Under the Open Sky

Mikami, an ex-yakuza of middle age with most of his life in prison, gets released after serving 13 years of sentence for murder. Hoping to find his long lost mother, from whom he was separated as a child, he applies for a TV show and meets a young TV director Tsunoda. Meanwhile, he struggles to get a proper job and fit into society. His impulsive, adamant nature and ingrained beliefs cause friction in his relationship with Tsunoda and those who want to help him.

2021 Drama 126 min Play
4 Ura Aka: L’Aventure

Ura Aka: L’Aventure

Machiko can't shake the feeling of emptiness in her day-to-day life as a manager of a clothing store in Aoyama, Tokyo. One day, the casual words of Sayaka, a younger and charismatic store staff, stirs Machiko into creating a secret...

2021 Drama 100 min Play
3.963 Untitled Horror Movie

Untitled Horror Movie

Set on computer screens and found footage style content, the movie follows six actors who decide to shoot their own horror movie as their hit TV show is on the brink of cancellation. In their search for a plot, they unintentionally summon a spirit with an affinity for violence, who starts picking them off one by one.

2021 Comedy 87 min Play
7.7 Under the Stadium Lights

Under the Stadium Lights

After a crushing defeat ended their prior season, everyone counted the Abilene Eagles out of title contention. Facing doubts and personal challenges both on and off the field, it takes the guidance of their team chaplain and a surrogate father figure for the players to realize what they can achieve when they stand united.

2021 Drama 109 min Play
7.924 Us Again

Us Again

In a vibrant city pulsating with rhythm and movement, an elderly man and his young-at-heart wife rekindle their youthful passion for life and each other on one magical night.

2021 Animation 7 min Play
6.761 Untold: Crimes & Penalties

Untold: Crimes & Penalties

They were the bad boys of hockey — a team bought by a man with mob ties, run by his 17-year-old son, and with a rep for being as violent as they were good.

2021 Crime 85 min Play
7.017 Untold: Malice at the Palace

Untold: Malice at the Palace

Key figures from an infamous November 19th 2004 incident between players and fans at an NBA game in Michigan discuss the fight, its fallout and its lasting legacy.

2021 Crime 69 min Play
7 Under the Stars of Paris

Under the Stars of Paris

Christine’s life has not been easy lately. Her lonely routine is divided between free food banks distributions and wandering the streets. On a cold winter night she founds Suli, an 8-year-old Eritrean boy, sobbing in front of her shelter. Christine understands that he is lost and has been separated from his mother. Bounded by their marginal condition, they embark together on an emotional journey to find Suli’s mother in the underground world of Paris...

2021 Comedy 86 min Play
6.7 Under Wraps

Under Wraps

Three friends try to save their mummified friend, Harold, from greedy criminals by returning him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween.

2021 Comedy 91 min Play
6.176 Upon the Magic Roads

Upon the Magic Roads

Romantic John the Fool and his friend Foal set out on a series of unpredictable adventures in different magical worlds. The two buddies will have to outsmart an evil tyrant king, catch the firebird, and find John’s true love.

2021 Adventure 100 min Play
6.2 Undercover Wedding Crashers

Undercover Wedding Crashers

Geeky-looking Sebas is a surprisingly good classical musician. He’s also a complete unknown in the criminal underworld, and as a new newbie on the police force, that makes him the perfect man for a dangerous mission: to go undercover as a keyboard player for “Los Lolos”, a cheesy flamenco-trap band, who have been hired to play at the wedding of a local mafia boss’ daughter that a major drug trafficker will be attending. Sebas is keen to take on the mission, blissfully unaware that he will ...

2021 Comedy 90 min Play
0 UFC on ESPN 39: dos Anjos vs. Fiziev

UFC on ESPN 39: dos Anjos vs. Fiziev

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Rafael Fiziev (Lightweight) Caio Borralho vs. Armen Petrosyan (Middleweight) Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Said Nurmagomedov (Bantamweight) Jared Vanderaa vs. Chase Sherman (Heavyweight) Aiemann Zahabi vs. Ricky Turcios (Bantamweight) Michael Johnson vs. Jamie Mullarkey (Lightweight)

2022 Action 0 min Play
0 UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 – Prelims

UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 – Prelims

Leonardo Santos heads the preliminary card against Jared Gordon for UFC 278 in the Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, UT

2022 Action 0 min Play
0 Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

An intimate look at the formation and legacy of the WNBA, and flagship team New York Liberty’s dramatic 2021 season, as they play for acceptance, respect, and the future of basketball.

2022 Documentary 90 min Play
6 UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane

UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane

Francis Ngannou vs. Cyril Gane (Heavyweight) Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo (Flyweight) Michel Pereira vs. Andre Fialho (Welterweight) Cody Stamann vs. Said Nurmagomedov (Bantamweight) Rodolfo Vieira vs. Wellington Turman (Middleweight)

2022 Action 193 min Play