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TV 8.3 The Big Game

The Big Game

Sixteen contestants of a new survival show are taken to the Siberian taiga to compete for the price of one million euros. The rules are simple: no food, personal belongings, electricity, communications and civilization for hundreds of kilometers around. The one remains wins. Soon TV project turns into a deadly game, where LIFE becomes the main prize... What is it? Is it sick TV script? Who is behind this? And who can survive without losing their humanity?

2020 Action 48 min Play
TV 9 1703


NR Okko
2022 Comedy min Play
0 The No Man Zone. The Movie

The No Man Zone. The Movie

What will happen if, as a result of biological warfare, almost the entire male population dies out? Women will grieve (for a short time), and then they will unite and create a new better world - with eco-towns, renewable energy, opportunities to do whatever they want, even science and biohacking, even yoga and self-development. Reproduction now occurs by artificial insemination, and only girls are born in the new world. But not everyone likes such a world order. Some of the surviving men ...

2022 Comedy 0 min Play
0 Youth


The story about 40-year-old Vasily, who has been trying to find for more than 20 years happiness in the city. When coming back home to the village, he understands that his already nobody waits and nobody wants it already.

2022 Comedy 88 min Play
0 Tokyo Giant: The Legend of Victor Starffin

Tokyo Giant: The Legend of Victor Starffin

The amazing fate of Viktor Staruhin takes viewers on a completely unknown journey into the history of Japan, America, and Soviet Russia. In an era of global division, the collapse of empires, and world wars, he was able to counter the destructive militarism and rising nationalism with the power of the human spirit and love for the game in which he became an idol to millions all around the world.

2022 Documentary 87 min Play
0 Lena and Justice

Lena and Justice

In almost any city in Russia, you can find a square with a bust of Lenin, stuffed bears in reputable mansions, and shops can easily offer a "sanction". Only with justice everything is a little more complicated, but, as you know, it is better to contact the Carpenter with this issue. Lena is an ordinary woman who secretly dreams of a beautiful wedding, but her chosen one by chance lost his passport and now, instead of the registry office, he ends up in the police station with enviable ...

2022 Drama 0 min Play
0 Just A Man

Just A Man

Sasha lives his simple but cool life: he works as a bartender, meets a beautiful girl Laura, together they are preparing to move to Barcelona, ​​where they are already waiting for their own apartment and their own bar, which Laura's parents bought for the couple. On the surface, everything looks perfect, but no one knows what difficulties are hidden in the depths. A few days before the move, Sasha learns that there was a woman who left him in the hospital thirty years ago. A young man who ...

2022 Drama 117 min Play
7.828 Silver Skates

Silver Skates

1899, the Christmas-time St.Petersburg. Ice-covered rivers and canals of the capital seethe with festive activities. On the eve of the new century those who should not be destined to meet, come together. They are people from different worlds: Matvey, the son of a lamplighter, whose only treasure is his silver-plated skates; Alice is the daughter of a high-ranking official dreaming of science. Each of them has his own difficult life-story, but having accidentally met they rush forward ...

2020 Adventure 136 min Play
7.6 Hotsunlight


Lugansk region, May 2014. The Novozhilov family, by chance, finds itself in the thick of events in Lugansk. Vlad Novozhilov is a former participant in the war in Afghanistan. He knows firsthand what war is. Having seen enough of the horrors of war in his time, in principle he does not even want to touch a weapon. In a situation, he sees only one way out - to leave the country. But you can't run away from the war, the border is already closed. To save his family, he will have to make ...

2021 Action 133 min Play
5.714 V2. Escape from Hell

V2. Escape from Hell

Mikhail Devyatayev, a captured Soviet pilot who leads an escape from a German concentration camp by hijacking an aircraft.

2021 Action 118 min Play
4.2 Fib the Truth

Fib the Truth

A couple in love spends time away from civilization. The sudden arrival of the younger sister first, and then the girl's ex-boyfriend, violate the country idyll. Each of the heroes has his own plan for this weekend, and together they become hostages of the situation and participants in cruel psychological games. Falling in love gives way to passion, and innocent flirting causes jealousy and can lead to mortal danger.

2021 Drama 89 min Play
7 The Pilot. A Battle for Survival

The Pilot. A Battle for Survival

December of 1941, Northwestern Front. A German tank column is moving towards Moscow. During a mission to stop the enemy advance, Nikolai Komlev's IL-2 is shot down. Komlev manages to crash-land his plane in a remote forest clearing. He's alive, but far from friendly territory. Ahead of him is a relentless trial of severe physical and mental endurance. After battling hunger and extreme cold, evading packs of wolves and detachments of Nazi soldiers, the wounded Komlev finally makes it back to ...

2021 Drama 105 min Play
8.7 Mission «Sky»

Mission «Sky»

In the center of the story are three main characters - Lieutenant Colonel Soshnikov, Captain Muravyov and Major Zakharov. Three ages, three different characters, three different destinies, which are destined to meet at the Khmeimim military base.

2021 Drama 110 min Play
6.6 The Last Warrior: A Messenger of Darkness

The Last Warrior: A Messenger of Darkness

Now that Ivan is about to turn 21, he is now grown up and finally old enough to marry the beautiful Vasilisa. But when Vasilisa is kidnapped and trapped in modern Moscow, Ivan and his friends must travel to the present day to rescue her.

2021 Adventure 0 min Play
5.811 Row 19

Row 19

A young female doctor and her 6-year-old daughter are on an overnight flight in a violent storm. When passengers on the half-empty plane inexplicably begin to die, the woman’s grip on reality weakens and she is forced to relive her worst childhood nightmare.

2021 Horror 77 min Play
8.309 A Dog Named Palma

A Dog Named Palma

The film is inspired by an incredible story of a shepherd dog named Palm who was inadvertently left in the airport by her owner. She befriends nine-year old Nicholas whose mother dies leaving him with a father he barely knows - a pilot who finds the dog at the airport. It's a story of amazing adventures, true friendship and unconditional love.

2021 Family 110 min Play
6.176 Upon the Magic Roads

Upon the Magic Roads

Romantic John the Fool and his friend Foal set out on a series of unpredictable adventures in different magical worlds. The two buddies will have to outsmart an evil tyrant king, catch the firebird, and find John’s true love.

2021 Adventure 100 min Play
6.5 Tchaikovsky’s Wife

Tchaikovsky’s Wife

Antonina Miliukova is a beautiful and bright young woman, born in the aristocracy of 19th century Russia. She could have anything she'd want, and yet her only obsession is to marry Pyotr Tchaikovsky, with whom she falls in love from the very moment she hears his music. The composer finally accepts this union, but after blaming her for his misfortunes and breakdowns, his attempts to get rid of his wife are brutal. Consumed by her feelings for him, Antonina decides to endure and do whatever ...

2022 Drama 143 min Play
0 Nakhimov Residents

Nakhimov Residents

A story about twin brothers from a family of hereditary military sailors. Their father, a brave sea captain, dreams that his sons graduate from the legendary Nakhimov school and continue the family dynasty in the navy. However, the guys themselves do not think about the sea service at all. Like most teenagers today, all they want is fun and easy money. These desires lead the heroes to the gang of the local "leader" of youth, from which it will be extremely difficult for them to get out ...

2022 Family 87 min Play
7.3 The Execution

The Execution

For more than 10 years, Russian police forces have tried to stop the country’s smartest and most wanted serial killer. But even when he gets caught, nobody can prove his guilt. As the manhunt intensifies, the investigation grows increasingly personal between the detective and the suspect.

2022 Thriller 130 min Play
9.5 Koschey. The Bride Kidnapper

Koschey. The Bride Kidnapper

For some reason, forever young and always immaculately dressed, Koschey has been unable to find a bride for three hundred years. He intimidated, and kidnapped, and turned various princesses into frogs, but these courtship did not help the prince of darkness. Meanwhile, the beautiful hero Varvara only does what she fights off in the arena from suitors who covet her dowry. However, having taken possession of the Koshcheev needle, Tsar Peas figure out how to get to Varvara. But he didn’t take ...

2022 Adventure 76 min Play
10 Young Man

Young Man

Vanya Revzin, in his thirties, despite a gold medal at school and a red diploma from Moscow State University, was at the bottom: his wife went to the CCM in boxing, she was fired from a miserable job in a bank, and before the mortgage for a small studio was closed in a human case, there were years of pain and suffering . In a moment of desperation, Ivan learns that his cunning classmate Kolya has become a successful businessman and announced a competition for high school students with a ...

2022 Comedy 0 min Play
0 The Parent

The Parent

Struggling for a daughter, hooked on heroin, the father had to get acquainted with the underground life of Saint-Petersburg. He doesn’t trust the police. Together with his friend he unravels the drug dealers network in order to stop the drug addiction that conquered the city in the 90s. Will they have enough powers to make it to the end?

2022 Crime 114 min Play
0 Mittelmarsch


Petersburg was swept by a wave of an unusual cultural movement: an unknown enthusiast organizes art events, trying to draw attention to forgotten monuments. This enthusiast is Mitya. He is 18. And he keeps a vow of silence. In the world of Mitya's ideas, everything is harmonious and understandable exactly until the energetic trickster Kowalski joins him with his girlfriend, the charming but dependent on him Polina. With new friends, the movement is rapidly gaining momentum: and now young ...

2022 Comedy 75 min Play
6.2 Summer Time: Travel Back

Summer Time: Travel Back

Your desires must be treated with caution. Romka, Yarik, Nikoletta and Yelisey made their own wishes at the magic tree in the Artek camp. The tree took them 30 years ago - to 1988, where they meet their parents, who then also rested in Artek. Now the guys need to make friends with their parents and, acting together, find a way back to the future.

2022 Comedy 105 min Play
0 Там, где наш дом

Там, где наш дом

Each of the characters personifies different professions, cultures and outlooks on life, but they definitely agree on one thing - in the boundless love for the place in which they live.

2022 Documentary 0 min Play
0 Night Mode

Night Mode

Fashion photographer Roman Belov was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of four people. Roman is absolutely sure of his innocence, but cannot remember what really happened on the fateful night. In prison, a mysterious man who calls himself Master appears in his dreams and offers to help him find the real killer. But how to investigate if you are locked in a stone bag? And what price will have to be paid for the services of a person who can penetrate dreams?

2022 Thriller 122 min Play
6 My Father is a Chieftain

My Father is a Chieftain

The adult hero of the picture - the captain of the voyage - was captured by the African natives. At home, in a seaside town, he still had a pregnant wife. The boy was born without a father, and raised him in the belief that dad heroically died. And now, after nine years, he returns ... the leader of the African tribe. Father and son meet each other throughout history, and eventually find a common language.

2022 Adventure 0 min Play
0 Just Before

Just Before

A drama about a 15-year-old teenager Maxim, who obsessively watches his father's mistress. Maxim wants to kill her, not realizing that this only complicates the situation.

2022 Drama 89 min Play
5.8 My Sweet Monster

My Sweet Monster

A scandal in the royal family: the wayward princess Barbara escaped from the palace and went through the forest in search of a handsome prince. However, instead of the cherished meeting with her beloved, she is captured by Buka, the most dangerous robber of the kingdom. But it quickly becomes clear that the brisk princess is ready to turn Buka's life into a nightmare, just to reach her goal. So the restless Varvara begins to establish her own order in the forest.

2022 Adventure 98 min Play
0 Легенды Орлёнка

Легенды Орлёнка

The teenagers who came to Orlyonok will have to unravel the mystery of the seven elders.

2022 Comedy 0 min Play
5.2 Project Gemini

Project Gemini

After depleting Earth's resources for centuries, humankind's survival requires an exodus to outer space. An international expedition is quickly formed to find a suitable new planet, but when plans go awry, the crew is suddenly stranded without power on a strange planet, where something unimaginable lies in wait.

2022 Science Fiction 98 min Play
TV 8.1 Ms. Sweet

Ms. Sweet

Vera's life was like a fairy tale with a loving husband, smart and beautiful daughter, caring father, and her favorite hobby, baking desserts. When her husband cheats on her with her young neighbor, she decides to leave him and turn her baking hobby into a business.

2019 Comedy 24 min Play
TV 8.899 Metal Family

Metal Family

Metal Family follows the daily lives of Glam and Victoria, two metal fans that fell in love and had two children together, Dee and Heavy.

TV-14 YouTube
2018 Action 8 min Play
TV 8.2 Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Forced to become an apprentice cop, cocky playboy Igor finds he's got a knack for police work. But his job soon takes him down a dark personal path.

NR Channel One
2014 Crime 59 min Play
TV 7.5 Junior League

Junior League

In the town of Podolsk, The Bears hockey club hires a new coach, Sergei Makeyev, a former National Hockey League player, who sets out to get the club to the Junior Hockey League and make The Bears a successful team.

2013 Comedy 48 min Play
TV 6.9 Interns


Medical sitcom Ivan Okhlobystin about doctors who still do not know how to treat, but know how to make people laugh. The main characters of the sitcom - four interns. They always get into stupid situations, and their leader Dr. Bykov pleasure of watching this

2010 Comedy 25 min Play
TV 6.9 Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear

Masha is an energetic three-year-old who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures.

TV-Y Russia-1
2009 Animation 7 min Play
TV 4.3 Moonzy


"The Adventures of Luntik" or simply "Luntik" is a Russian animated series for children of preschool age. It is the story of a small fluffy creature, Luntik, who was born on the Moon and fell from it, on to the Earth. Luntik is the main character and each episode features a story about him and his friends. Luntik is new to the Earth and in each episode he learns something about this new world. He meets new friends, learns how to be polite and even gets a family. The majority of the ...

NR Russia-1
2006 Animation 6 min Play
TV 7.3 The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita is a Russian television production of Telekanal Rossiya, based on the novel The Master and Margarita, written by Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov between 1928 and 1940. Vladimir Bortko directed this adaptation and was also its screenwriter.

NR Russia-1
2005 Drama 53 min Play
TV 7.1 Kikoriki


The Smeshariki are stylized rounded animals. Each of the nine characters has a unique personality and a range of interests with no negative characters among them. Plots are built not on the battle of opposing forces but on the unexpected situations the animated characters stumble upon in their interactions deemed similar to the ones that children may encounter in their everyday lives. Many of the topics foreground the guidance that friendship and community provide to the individual making ...

2004 Animation 6 min Play
TV 7.8 Brigada


Brigada, also known as Law of the Lawless, is a Russian 15-episode crime mini-series that debuted in 2002. It became very popular, but received mixed reviews due to accusations in aestheticization of violence. The miniseries follows the story of four best friends from 1989 to 2000, mainly concentrating on the leader of the group, Sasha Belov.

NR Russia-1
2002 Action 52 min Play
TV 9 To Remember

To Remember

1993 Documentary 45 min Play
7.2 The Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment

The Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment

A very typical post-Soviet era storyline. A bunch of vagabonds lured an innocent teenage girl to their apartment, offered her a drink, intimidated, then gang raped her. Local cops are incapable to undertake an adequate actions against the scoundrels - prevented by the superior chief of the local police, who is the dad of one of the scumbags. The case is closed. The girl's granddad tired of an endless circumlocution decides to take revenge in his own hands.

1999 Action 95 min Play
TV 9 Secrecy of the investigation

Secrecy of the investigation

In the center of the plot is a senior investigator named Masha Shvetsova and her male colleagues. The plot is the most vital, but, like in “Streets of Broken Lanterns,” it is seasoned with a fair amount of humor - otherwise, how can the audience (and the heroes) endure countless morgues, identifications and other “cute” charms of the investigative routine?

NR Russia-1
2000 Action 45 min Play
TV 0 Con Stars

Con Stars

A backwater prison house is expecting a high-profile international inspection. The delegation members will review living conditions and inmates’ «customer experience». Both conditions and inmates’ sentiments are far from perfect. But positive review from the inspection panel is a must! So General Hobotov, who is in charge of the prison house, thinks out of the box. He orders to replace real inmates with actors, who, for a hefty fee, will act as the most satisfied and happy crooks in the ...

NR Premier
2022 min Play
TV 0 Бедный олигарх

Бедный олигарх

NR Premier
2022 min Play
7.2 I Am Dragon

I Am Dragon

In the midst of the wedding princess Miroslava is kidnapped by a dragon and carried away into his castle on the remote island. Mira left everything behind in the past - family, friends and groom. Now the only things she had were a stone cage and a mysterious young man named Arman ... but who is he and what is he doing on that island? Miroslava will know the truth too late: loving a dragon will reveal the bitter truth - love is scary.

2015 Fantasy 110 min Play