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2 Sea


Francisca, a beautiful 50-year-old widow (played by Maria de Medeiros), prepared a peaceful future for herself. In an unexpected outburst, she grabs an opportunity for change and embarks on a sailboat called ‘Hovering Over the Water’.

2018 Drama 103 min Play
0 Soa


We are surrounded by all kinds of sounds, but how do they shape each place and each of us? In "Soa", it's a matter of sound environment, silence and noise, all the spectra of sound, from infra- to ultra, frequencies and rhythms. But also ecology, citizenship, equality and urban policies.

2020 Documentary 71 min Play
7.25 The Metamorphosis of Birds

The Metamorphosis of Birds

Beatriz married Henrique on the day of her 21st birthday. Henrique, a naval officer, would spend long periods at sea. Ashore, Beatriz, who learned everything from the verticality of plants, took great care of the roots of their six children. The oldest son, Jacinto (Hyacinth), my father, dreamed he could be a bird. One day, suddenly, Beatriz died. My mom didn’t die suddenly, but she too died when I was 17 years-old. On that day, me and my father met in the loss of our mothers and our ...

2021 Documentary 101 min Play
TV 0 Santiago


NR Opto
2022 min Play
TV 0 Sangue Oculto

Sangue Oculto

2022 Soap 45 min Play
6.943 The Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine

Reclusive and controversial author Bruce Cogburn is drawn out of hiding by an obsessive fan, forcing the novelist to confront a past that he thought he could escape, and to account for events set in motion by his bestseller decades earlier. Cogburn's search for who is behind the manipulation and mental torment he encounters leads to an emotional roller-coaster ride full of fear and danger, where things are not always as clear as they seem to be, and where past deeds can have dire consequences.

2022 Mystery 107 min Play
TV 6 Inspector Max

Inspector Max

"Inspector Max" is a Portuguese television series created by Virgílio Castelo e Produções Fictícias and broadcast on TVI. Its story is a dog called "Max", who is caught by Inspector Jorge Mendes' two sons (Fernando Luís). Jorge Mendes is a lonely man whose wife died when his children were still small. He works at the DIC of Setúbal, Department of Criminal Investigation, in the 1st season. The successful DIC team from Setúbal was invited to go to DECC (Special Department for Combating Crime) ...

2004 Action 45 min Play
6.3 O Fantasma

O Fantasma

Sergio is a brooding, alienated man who works as a trash collector in Lisbon by day and roams the city streets by night seeking rough, anonymous sex with men. One night he meets a man who seems to be the embodiment of his tormented fantasies, and he becomes obsessed with the stranger until loneliness and unfulfilled desire propel him finally into a dark and dangerous animalistic state.

2000 Drama 87 min Play
6.3 Tombs of the Blind Dead

Tombs of the Blind Dead

In 13th century Berzano, a legion of knights known as the Templar were executed for conducting black magic rituals and committing human sacrifices in a quest for eternal life. 700 years later, they rise from the dead and attack a group of vacationing college students who visit the remains of their abandoned monastery.

1972 Horror 101 min Play
TV 0 Café Kwanza

Café Kwanza

2022 Comedy min Play
0 Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man

2022 Drama 0 min Play
0 Amadeo


Biopic of the famous portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza Cardoso.

2022 Drama 0 min Play
TV 4.6 Quero é Viver

Quero é Viver

Ana Margarida Rosa Lobo, a 70-year-old actress at the end of her career, discovers she has Alzheimer's and without explaining to anyone, she decides to end her five-decade marriage with Sérgio and move to another house to enjoy her lucidity while she can. This decision causes an upheaval in the professional and personal lives of her four daughters. Faced with this situation, the family will be tested to the limit and the four women change their way of looking at life, questioning their love ...

2022 Soap 40 min Play
TV 4.5 For You

For You

In the parish of Rio Meandro, two villages are at war over the construction of a dam that will submerge one of them: either Aldeia Velha or Aldeia Nova.

2022 Comedy 49 min Play
TV 2 Lua de Mel

Lua de Mel

2022 Comedy 50 min Play
5.778 Camera Cafe: The Movie

Camera Cafe: The Movie

Jesús Quesada, an incompetent executive, is appointed as the new director of a company in decline whose survival will now depend on both the ingenuity and ambition of his former colleagues.

2022 Comedy 90 min Play