A Taste of Kunst

A Taste of Kunst

NR min

When a collector and philanthropist dies she leaves in her will a fortune to be split between four young artists, on the condition that they spend a month together in her mansion to produce four works of art for her mausoleum. One of these artists is Candy Moore, a young performance artist who promised to be a revolution and ended up being just that, a promise. After years in oblivion, she now has the opportunity to vindicate herself as that artist that so many people believed in. She wanted to get away from the boozing and sex of her past life but sharing the mansion with her companions is proving a constant temptation. As she starts to lose control all kinds of sensations are awakened inside her. This is the story of A TASTE OF KUNST, an explicit adult series about the connection between art and sex, fame and desire, that portrays the difficulty of re-engaging with life.



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