Everything We Know About Blonde

Everything We Know About Blonde

Starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, the Netflix movie Blonde has become one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2022. The upcoming film is directed by Andrew Dominik, previously known for directing the 2007 Western drama The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, as well as directing two episodes of Netflix’s psychological crime thriller series Mindhunter and One More Time with Feeling, a documentary chronicling the recording of Skeleton Tree, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ sixteenth studio album. Dominik is also credited as the screenwriter of Blonde and started developing the project over a decade ago in 2010.

Blonde, based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, went through a long development process before production finally began in 2019. Prior to Ana de Armas getting cast in the upcoming movie, there were other actresses attached to the role of Marilyn. Naomi Watts was initially set to star in Blonde, and Jessica Chastain was also linked to the role in 2014. Blonde was affected by shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, though Dominik confirmed (via Collider) that filming wrapped up in July of 2021.

There aren’t many details available yet regarding the plot of Netflix’s Blonde, but in past interviews, Andrew Dominik has said that the film features “very little dialogue.” Dominik has also revealed (via ScreenDaily) that he wanted to tell the story of Marilyn “as a central figure in a fairytale.” Here’s all the news and updates that are known so far about Blonde.

Blonde Movie Cast: Who Stars Alongside Ana De Armas' Marilyn Monroe

Although Ana de Armas is the big star, the rest of the Blonde cast also features some notable talent playing iconic American figures. Succession cast member Adrien Brody plays playwright and screenwriter Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe’s third and final husband. Bobby Cannavale is Joe DiMaggio, famed Yankees center fielder and Marilyn’s second husband. Other notable cast members are Mare of Easttown’s Julianne Nicholson as Gladys Pearl Baker, Monroe’s mother, and Caspar Phillipson as John F. Kennedy, playing the presidential role for the second time in a feature film since Jackie, Pablo Larrain’s 2016 biopic about Jackie Kennedy.

Blonde Movie Story: Is It Based On Real Life?

Though Blonde is based on a work of fiction, Joyce Carol Oates did years of research on Marilyn Monroe so she could tell a more detailed story about the actress. The trailer alludes to iconic moments in Monroe’s career–it shows her in the iconic white dress from The Seven Year Itch, and another clip features a scene of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes playing in theaters. Blonde will probably take some creative license, but aspects of the film are taken from Marilyn Monroe’s real life. Joyce Carol Oates highly praised a rough cut of the film, saying that it was “surprisingly feminist” and complimenting Ana de Armas’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Why Blonde Is Rated NC-17

Notably, Blonde is the first Netflix original movie to earn an NC-17 rating. The Motion Picture Association has listed “some graphic content” as the reason why the movie Blonde is rated NC-17. There is confirmation that Blonde includes a scene from Oates’ novel of Marilyn being raped, but other than that, the type of content that would lead to such a rating hasn’t been detailed.

Blonde Movie Release Date

Netflix recently announced a release date for Blonde. The Marilyn Monroe movie will be released onto the streaming service on September 23, 2022. This release date was probably chosen so Blonde (and Ana de Armas) could have a good shot of competing in the upcoming awards season. Earlier in June, Blonde was listed as one of the possible film premieres of the Venice Film Festival (via Variety), which will run from August 31 to September 10, so there’s a chance it could get some early buzz before the film’s upcoming Netflix premiere.

Blonde Movie Trailer

Netflix recently released a teaser trailer for Blonde on June 16. It doesn’t give away much of the film, but the trailer does offer a first glimpse of Ana de Armas’ performance as Marilyn Monroe. A full trailer of Netflix’s Blonde is sure to be released later on, hopefully offering more detail of what’s to come for the movie.

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